Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Greenleaf Candles

Anyone who knows me understands my candle obsession, and I for sure got it from my momma. I always come home, take off my shoes and light a candle -- it immediately calms me down and makes my house feel cozy after a long day at work. Today, I'm teaming up with Greenleaf to talk some of my favorite products. Read on to shop them for Mother's Day!


Am I the only person who likes linen spray? Anyway, I love it. I wash our sheets every week like clockwork, but linen spray helps keep our sheets feeling fresh throughout the week and our bedroom smelling amazing. It's the perfect gift because people never buy it for themselves, but it's like a mini luxury!


Obviously, a candle makes a great gift. My favorite scents for Mother's Day are Roses (who doesn't love roses?!) and Cashmere Kiss, the ultimate cozy scent that makes me want to curl up under a blanket and read a good book.


Lastly -- when was the last time you bought a diffuser? We keep one in our bathroom, and I love how fresh it is. This one has found a home above our magazine rack and would make the perfect gift!


For more Mother's day gift ideas, be sure to check out Greenleaf!

Special thanks to Greenleaf for sponsoring this post.