My 2016 Best Buys

In a world full of impulse buys, I love looking back at past purchases and thinking "wow, I'm so happy I bought that". Here are 14 things I was happy I bought in the past year:

1. Burberry Trench Coat.

Okay, so technically I didn't buy this, and I didn't buy it in 2016. But this trench is one of the most versatile pieces in my closet – it's the perfect weight for San Francisco, it has held up incredibly over the years, and it's so chic. I throw it on and go and I feel like a million bucks!

2. Apple Watch.

I don't use my Apple Watch a ton, but I love that it reminds me to get up every hour at work. I use this as my time to get water and take a break, and it causes me to drink so much more water than I usually would throughout the day!

3. Sephora Sheet Masks.

These are $6. I repeat: these are SIX DOLLARS! These Sephora sheet masks are some of the most relaxing masks I've ever used, and they're six dollars! Obsessed.

4. Boodles Gin.

If you haven't had Boodles Mulberry Gin, you must stop what you're doing right now and go get some. They have it at BevMo near me, and I first had it at Foreign Cinema in SF. My friends who I was with and I are now completely obsessed and I can't get enough of this stuff!

5. White Zara Shorts.

I was on the hunt for a pair of white, comfortable, cotton shorts for EVER,  and I finally found the perfect ones at Zara last year. They're so comfortable and perfect for spring mornings when you roll out of bed and don't want to think too hard about what you're wearing. I couldn't find the exact pair, but I linked to a few similar pairs below!

6. Dolce Vita Mules.

I have never had mules before this last year, but I figured because I'm fairly tall (5'7") I could pull them off. The Dolce Vita mules above ^^ are the most-worn shoes in my closet. I love the little peep toe and how easy they are to slip on!

See how I styled them here.

7. Warby Parker Durand Glasses.

Josh bought me these Warby Parker Durand glasses at the end of last year, at I love how much I already have worn them. I wear contacts and after staring at my computer screen all day, I have to put these babies on before my eyes fall out of my head. Plus, they're cute!

8. Kendra Scott Elyse Ring.

I bought this Kendra Scott Elyse ring to match a few girlfriends last year, and I wear it ALL the time! It's so nice to spruce up my normal outfit with it and I always get so many compliments on it when I wear it.

9. Moo Business Cards.

If you had to buy business cards, Moo is the only place I would suggest. I've gotten business cards from so many different places in the past few years, but the quality of Moo's is better than any of them. And, I love the matte finish – they're beautiful!

10. Modernica Planter.

Okay, yet another thing Josh bought me (go, Josh!). This Modernica planter was on my wish list for a long time, and Josh bought it for me for my birthday last year. It has found a great little home in a corner of our living room and every time people come over, they compliment us on it and ask where they can buy one. And, surprisingly, we have not yet killed the plant in it! Kudos to us!

11. Volcano candles.

When we moved into our new apartment in September, these were the first things I stocked up on: volcano candles. The smell is heavenly and it immediately made me feel like home.

12. eTailz Milk Frother.

I got this milk frother last fall, and I cannot say enough great things about it. There is nothing I love more than hot chocolate, and this makes me a hot cup in about 60 seconds with little cleanup.

I wrote about how I make hot chocolate in this milk frother in a past post here.

13. Everlane Cashmere Sweater.

If you're going to invest in a cashmere sweater, you have to buy one from Everlane. This is the only cashmere sweater I would buy. At $100, you have to get one.

14. Raw Hem Denim.

This particular pair is sold out at Shopbop, but raw hem denim is a trend that I definitely embraced in 2016 and will do again in 2017. I linked to more options below!