My 2017 New Years Resolutions

I'm not huge into New Years Resolutions, as I feel like not many people actually keep them, and I'm trying to constantly better myself throughout the year, not just at the new year. But, I do think that it's a great time to reflect on the past year and your hopes and dreams for the next.

2016 was a year of highs and lows - my grandpa died, Donald Trump is going to be president (oy), I quit my job + started a new one, and Josh and I moved into a new home. I also struggled to "balance" my full-time job and my blog, which is a constant give and take. I'm definitely looking forward to a new year and a clean slate to try harder and become an even better version of myself. Here are some goals of mine for the New Year:

1. Drink more water.

This is actually something I've been doing for the past few months already, and I've seen such great improvements in my skin, hair, and energy. It's not that I didn't drink water before, but I've been making a constant effort to drink at least eight glasses a day, and my skin has been so much less stressed and my hair is so smooth. I definitely want to keep this momentum going throughout 2017, as I definitely feel much better when I drink a lot of water.

2. Take more time for myself.

I'm the kind of person who typically makes time for everything except for myself, and it's led to me being pretty burnt out towards the end of this year. I love my job, I love blogging, and I try to make as much time as possible for my dad, Josh and my friends -- but that doesn't leave much time at the end of the day for myself. As a pretty serious introvert, I need to make more time to excuse myself and be quiet alone, read a good book or be off of my devices to gain my energy back. Which leads me into my next resolution...

3. Read more.

I got a San Francisco public library card a few years ago, but never actually visited until this past month when I realized there's one two blocks away from our new apartment. I went a few weeks ago and freaked out when I saw how many new books were there -- they have an entire New Arrivals section full of newer books (like Sweetbitter)! Am I the only one who knew this was a thing? I haven't been to the public library since I was little, and I guess I never payed much attention to what was new when I was little. Anyway, now that I have access to so many books I want to read for free, I definitely want to take more advantage in 2017.

What are your New Years Resolutions? Share in the comments section below!