My 2018 New Beauty Favorites

The New Year brings lots of changes. Resolutions, new habits, and new favorites. I've been trying out some new beauty products for the last few weeks, and today I'm sharing which I'm loving most.


one // billie

I've struggled for years (literally!) to find the right razor and shaving cream, so when I recently found Billie on Instagram I knew I had to try it out. I'm a sucker for good branding, but to be honest I was completely skeptical because most new razor brands haven't worked for me in the past.

I initially loved the packaging—Billie's razors come in the most fun hues (I got the blush pink, of course!) and the fun colors on their shave cream bottle are too cute. I also love how the razor comes with a magnetic strip so you can hang it on your shower door (or anywhere else in your shower) for easy access.

Overall, here's my review: the razor is great, gives a clean, close shave, and hasn't caused any irritation at all. Same with the shave cream—it smells so great and is so smooth. Love!


two // power dry me and puff me

I have pretty thick hair, so sometimes it takes a long time to dry. I recently got sent Power Dry from Design.Me, and it's totally changed my morning routine and cut my blow drying time in half. Such a great way to start my day!


three // sunday riley saturn mask + auto correct

When my skin acts up, I immediately reach for Sunday Riley products. Their Saturn Mask is perfect for clearing up blemishes, and I use the Auto Correct eye cream daily to get rid of dark circles. If you're going to invest in any skincare products, pick Sunday Riley!

four // arcona toner pads

These are definitely not new for me, as I've used Arcona's Triad Pads for years, but if you are in need of a serious skin pick-me-up and just want that "freshly washed" feeling, these should be your go-to!


five // wander beauty on-the-glow blush

This little stick has been a makeup game-changer. We partnered with Wander Beauty at work, so I got to test drive this beauty on-the-glow blush stick. One end is a creamy blush, the other is a highlighter. It's also great for touchups throughout the day, because it's so easy to throw into your bag and go!

six // dr. dennis gross alpha beta peel

When my skin is in need of some extra love, I reach for these bad boys. It's a simple two-step process that takes less than a few minutes, and exfoliates my skin to make it dreamy and soft.