My Best Closet Organization Tips


If there's one part of my house that I'm overly nit-picky about keeping tidy, it's our closet. I am obsessed with closet organization, and I feel so much better walking into my closet and picking out an outfit when it's neat and everything is in its place.

Having trouble keeping your closet tidy? Follow these quick tips:

first, do a massive cleanout

I've written a lot about closet clean-outs before, but before you even try to keep your closet clean on a daily basis, you first need to do a massive purge to clear out the junk.

build a place for everything

I'm all about smart storage solutions, which is why The Container Store is my best friend. I think most people run into trouble with their closet is when they don't take the time to build storage solutions that work for them, and instead just put things wherever they may fall.

This means investing in things like shoe racks, bins to store things in, and hangers that save space. I'm a firm believer in building a storage solution for everything, and organization will soon follow.

take a few minutes each day to tidy things up

I know, it doesn't sound fun to clean up every single day. But I take about ten minutes in the morning to make the bed, clean up after I get ready in the morning, and another ten minutes at the end of the day to clean up dinner and hang my clothes up from the day. Taking this time to tidy throughout the week means you never have a huge mess to clean up.

purge regularly

Closet organization is a never-ending cycle, especially if you're regularly bringing in new items. I try to follow a 1:1 model in my closet—for every new item that comes in, and old item that I don't wear anymore goes out. Doing these regular purges means your closet is never over-crowded with items.

what are your best closet clean-out tips? let me know in the comments section!