My Best Fit Ever

This post brought to you by Hollister Co. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last week, I ventured into the Hollister Co in downtown San Francisco to find the perfect jeans. I'm really choosy when it comes to my denim -- I like skinny or slim fit jeans, and they have to be really comfortable. I also love a range of wash options -- I have everything from almost-white light-wash jeans to dark as black denim.


Well, it's safe to say that I haven't been in a Hollister store since I was younger, mainly because I didn't know if the brand still had anything to offer me. I have to say, I was definitely proven wrong when I walked in and saw their wall full of denim. Literally, an entire wall of denim options. They have a really expansive fit range with so many sizes, colors and shapes -- and did I mention the great deals? I had no idea I could find jeans that fit this well for this cheap. I tried on tons of different pairs, from light low rise jeans to dark and super high-waisted, but ultimately, I landed on the Hollister Blake Natural Waist jeggings in a medium wash, and I've already worn them pretty much every day. I couldn't resist how soft they were -- they feel like leggings, but look like jeans! They're definitely my best fit ever. Remember: you can get any jeans in store for $20!

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Emily Piskulick