My Favorite Apps


As a Social Media Manager and fashion blogger, I'm on my phone an insane amount. I try to limit it as much as I can, but these are the 10 apps that I open on a daily basis:

Social media

Snapchat | I don't need to explain Snapchat to you guys, but it's currently my favorite social media platform. It's so fun! Give me a follow: emilypiskulick.

Instagram | I also love how incredibly visual Instagram is. I used to rely on Pinterest for my morning inspiration, but now a quick scroll through my Instagram feed gets me inspired to put together a great outfit each morning.


Instacart | Josh and I spend $99 a year to have unlimited free grocery delivery for a year with Instacart. This is honestly the best decision we ever made. We don't have a car, so we used to be constantly Uber-ing back and forth to our Whole Foods, spending $10 there and $10 back each week. Now, we just add things to our Instacart shopping cart throughout the week, and have groceries at our doorstep within two hours whenever we want them, for free. Best. decision. ever!

BloomThat | Who doesn't love on-demand fresh flowers? BloomThat is my favorite floral delivery app, and sometimes you just need a mid-week pick-me-up with beautiful blooms.

Doughbies | Again, I can't say no to cookies. Ever. Doughbies delivers fresh cookies to your front door within 20 minutes. TWENTY MINUTES, people! It's $8 for 3 cookies, and most weeks, it's the yummiest $8 I'll spend.


Shopbop | I shop online most of the time, because I don't have time to hit the stores IRL most weeks. Shopbop is a constant favorite of mine -- it has free 2-day shipping, they have amazing sales and they always have what I want. Check out their app to shop on-the-go!

Photo editing

Afterlight | This is the best photo editing app ever, I edit all of my blog photos with it and always put my Instagram images through Afterlight before I post them.


Pocket | I scroll through my Twitter feed throughout the day, but most of the time I'm sitting at my desk or on my couch and don't want to read a 10-minute article right then and there. I save things to my Pocket account so I can come back to them later -- this is the best for long flights where you have time to go through your articles and read them all at once!


OpenTable | I've started using my OpenTable app so much more lately, and have been booking hard-to-get-into SF restaurants months in advance at the push of a button. I love having these dinners to look forward to and OpenTable makes it so easy to book!


Square Cash | I know everyone uses Venmo, but hear me out. My boyfriend works at Square and turned me on to Square Cash -- and it really is the best. It makes paying people so easy (like almost too easy) and the app looks so much better than Venmo's interface. I've used them both, and I have to say, Square Cash blows Venmo out of the water.

Other notable apps

I know I hit the 10 app limit, but here are others I use each day: Tweetbot, Uber, Postmates, Everlane, Nordstrom, Prime Now.