Lemon Poppy Muffins | New York Times


Hello, new favorite recipe!

With my new job (more on that to come), I've been trying to be better about packing my own breakfast and lunch and not spending money on food. With that comes one thing: meal prepping.

Josh is obsessed with lemon poppyseed muffins (and blueberries!) so we found this recipe from the New York Times. We've made it pretty much every weekend since we found it, and it's become a fast favorite. Here's what I love about these muffins:

  • It takes about five minutes to assemble all of the ingredients—literally, five minutes!

  • The sour cream and milk keep them so moist. Some lemon poppy muffins can get super dry, but not these ones.

  • The recipe leaves some room for experimenting and adding in things. Josh likes to add blueberries to his for a little texture and flavor.

  • The glaze is so simple (it's just confectioners sugar and lemon juice) and delicious.

  • they're so easy to grab and go. in the mornings, i've been making these + blending up a daily harvest smoothie. so yummy!

You can check out the full recipe here. Happy baking!