My Favorite Places to Pamper in San Francisco

I checked out a new nail salon in SF near my office last night, and I had the BEST experience. For whatever reason, since Josh and I moved four months ago to a new 'hood, I've had the hardest time finding new tried and true spots that I love. Since I finally had such a great experience, I wanted to share some of my favorite places to pamper and spoil myself for those of you in SF:

La Petite Nail Salon

I just tried this place out, and I can't say enough nice things about La Petite Nail Salon. It is truly the best manicure I've ever gotten! I feel like some manicures are so rough and sloppy, and I felt like the ladies at La Petite took so much careful time and thought (but still moved quickly to get the job done) and I really appreciated their extensive knowledge of the different types of polish and new techniques for gel manicures.

Silk Day Spa

This is an oldie but an oh-so-goodie. Silk Day Spa is the first nail salon I ever went to in SF and it's where I go if I want a true spa experience, without going to a spa. They make every little detail super luxurious, including hot towels and these milky massages that are heavenly. 

Nob Hill Spa

Best. Massage. Ever. But for real, Nob Hill Spa is my favorite spa in this town or any other. They consistently give the best massages ever, as well as having the nicest, most relaxing facilities. My favorite parts are 1) the relaxation room (it's the only place I feel truly quiet), 2) the constant cucumber water (so refreshing!), 3) the view of SF from the pool area, and 4) the incredibly knowledgeable staff and bomb massages. Even if you're just in town visiting for a weekend, Nob Hill Spa is a must-visit!

The Drybar

If I ever need a hair refresh, I run (don't walk) to The Drybar. There's one fairly close to our new apartment, and I go whenever I need a little pick me up and am tired of my straight hair — that tends to always hang the same way. My hair smells so incredible when I leave, and I feel like they always do such a great job and do styles I can't do at home myself. Obsessed!