My Glossier Favorites: The 3 Products I Couldn't Live Without

Happy Tuesday, all! Today I'm talking about one of my favorite brands: Glossier. I've used their products for years (since the beginning) and I can't say enough great things about these three products I use of theirs every day:

1. Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich.

This luxurious face cream is just that—it smells heavenly, is rich without being too thick or heavy on my skin, and is the ultimate night cream. Once I've washed my face at night, I put a thin layer of this stuff on and I wake up with the best skin. 

2. Glossier Priming Moisturizer.

The other end of Glossier's moisturizer spectrum is their Priming Moisturizer, and I love how lightweight it is for every day. I put it on in the morning when I get out of the shower and I feel like it shields my skin from everything that comes my way during the day.

3. Glossier Boy Brow.

I have thick dark brows to start with, but sometimes they're patchy in spots. I use Glossier's Boy Brow in Brown to fill in those uneven parts and I love how thick and full they turn out.

Shop all of my Glossier picks below: