My New Favorite City Crossbody Bag from Lo & Sons

I'm going to be real: in San Francisco, I'm always kind of afraid someone is going to steal something out of my bag. Is that bad? I don't know why, but something about living in the heart of it all has taught me to keep my guard up, and it's something I'm extra cognizant of when I pick a crossbody bag. I always look for pieces that have zippers and stay shut vs. pieces that are open or even just have a flap.

I recently stumbled upon this Lo & Sons "The Pearl" Crossbody and, I don't want to be dramatic, but it's kind of a game-changer. Scroll through today's post to see some different features that I love about it:

1. All of the interior organization.

Lo & Sons has pocket organization DOWN. I also have a work tote from them, and I feel like my life is in order when I use my Lo & Sons bags. This particular crossbody has two zippered pockets and a center area with little pockets, lipstick pouches and this handy key fob so your keys don't get lost in the bottom of your bag. I love how, even in a smaller crossbody, Lo & Sons is thinking of every little detail.

2. The convertible straps.

There are three different ways to wear this bag—as a clutch (with no straps), a shortened crossbody (like I'm wearing it) and also a full crossbody (it comes with a longer strap you can change out). I love bags that you can wear multiple ways because I always feel like I get more out of it—I can use the clutch style when I'm headed out to dinner, and the crossbody options for when I'm headed out on adventures around the city.

3. The Saffiano Leather.

I love soft, Nappa leather as much as the next girl, but something about Saffiano leather makes me feel like I'm not going to ruin my bag—especially when I'm wearing it in the city and in places where I could spill on it or get it stained. That kind of protective leather is really great, especially in a lighter hue like I chose (side note: there are 11 different color/material options!).

Special thanks to Lo & Sons for sponsoring this post.