My New Morning Routine with Noosa

With my new job, I'm working different hours and have more time in the mornings now to hang out at home, get some work done and take the mornings easy. That means I'm actually eating breakfast now, which I never used to do.

Instead of cooking up a big breakfast of toast and eggs, I usually opt for something quicker, like a smoothie or yogurt. My favorite is Noosa - we get it every time we have guests in town with granola, and it's the yummiest quick breakfast! Plus, since they come in two sizes (the larger tub for at-home and then the on-the-go packs to take with you) it really is the perfect "take anywhere" snack.

Noosa sent me a ton of their new flavors to try, like pumpkin for fall, Mexican chocolate and raspberry habanero. I had so much fun last weekend taste-testing them! My favorite is definitely the Mexican chocolate - it tastes like dessert!

Be sure to check out Noosa and all of their new flavors for this season.

Special thanks to Noosa for sponsoring this post.