My Spring 2018 Mood Board

With the coming of spring, I am calm again.
— Gustav Mahler

Spring is my favorite season.

It's the season I was born in, the season where the world heats up, and the season of fresh blooms. In the springtime, I feel like myself. After a long winter, I can't wait to freshen up our apartment, make some style changes, and get a fresh chop so my hair matches my mood.

my spring mood board:

Each season (but especially spring) I like to put together a mood board to define my aesthetic and clear out the clutter. This spring I'm all about a few things:

short, chopped, messy hair

It's time for a hair change, officially. Every year I do this: I chop my hair in summer, let it grow out in fall and winter, and then come end of February I'm jonesing for a haircut.


I've never been much for girly or overly feminine clothes. Most days, I'm wearing jeans, flats, and a blouse to work—it's become my uniform of sorts. But seeing soft linen ruffles, modern blush pink and dainty details has changed my mind: I might be into #femininevibes this year!

light, white, and bright

The thing I'm finding everywhere is white, white, and more white. Whether it's in the form of a gauzy ruffled blouse or even a nice throw pillow, I'm updating everything in my life to be light, clean, and bright.

stripes on stripes

I'm always a stripes girl. It's a year-round love affair for me. But in the springtime I like to get a bit more playful with my stripes and have more fun. Whether it's a thick red and white stripe or even some pinstripe pants, I'm up for anything.