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While it's still summer in most parts of the country, San Francisco never ceases to amaze me with how utterly chilly and windy it can be in the "summer". In the past five years (I can't believe I've lived here that long!) I've gotten really good at layering. When I head out, even if it's sunny and 80 degrees, I always think to grab a jacket and throw it in my bag or over my shoulders. I'm loving Miss Me's neutrals - I can always use another graphic tee (not, but I love this one), a classic pair of white jeans and a sweater that's so perfect for layering in this windy city.

Another thing I've gotten really used to in this city is making outfits transition seamlessly from day to night. Most of the time, I don't have time to run home in between work and dinner or drinks - and, if I do, I'm only home for five or 10 minutes. So, I rock a classic tee, sweater and jeans during the day with some sandals and my work tote, and then at night I add a nicer bag and some strappy heeled sandals to kick my look up a notch. The easiest way to make outfits transition from day to night is to keep things neutral, layer, and stick to the basics. These basics from Miss Me are perfect transitional pieces!

What has your city taught you about what you can and can't wear in inclement weather? San Francisco sure is unique - but I'm dying to hear all of your tips and tricks for dressing for different climates and environments and how you transition your looks from day to night!


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