New Apartment Tour: Entry

Well, the reason I've been so MIA lately is because we moved! Josh and I are totally settled in our new place and are loving it so much. It was definitely hard leaving the home that we first built together, but the second we got to our new apartment all of our fears and questions about if we made the right decision vanished - we love it here.

We moved from San Francisco's Russian Hill neighborhood to SoMa. It's definitely different than Russian Hill - Russian Hill has perfectly groomed sidewalks, cable cars, tree-lined streets and is super safe. SoMa is definitely up-and-coming, a bit more dangerous and is more downtown, so the hustle and bustle is real here (we never had that in Russian Hill). But, it's definitely more us, which is what we care most about.

Our apartment in Russian Hill was very cozy, traditional, had beautiful high ceilings and a Bay window, and was the perfect starter apartment. Our new place is modern, with wood floors, stunning 15th-floor views of the city and brand new everything. We used to be one apartment in a small building of 12 units - now we're one out of 500. I love it, and it instantly felt like home (can you tell I'm a city girl?).

Now - for the good stuff. I waited until everything was perfect to take photos, which in all honesty only took a couple of days (because I'm a control freak and planned everything down to the minute). Here is a first look at our new place! Today I'm sharing our entry area, and then throughout this week I'll share our living room, kitchen and bedroom.

More to come (including that living room sneak peek!) tomorrow.