New Beauty Picks


Lush "Breath of Fresh Air" face spray // Bio-Oil // Tan Towels // Lilly Pulitzer for Target emory boards // Boots nail block // Sephora face mask

When I travel, I up my skincare game because I know that late nights, early mornings, too much wine and the elements will stress my skin out and I'm prone to breakouts. These Sephora face masks are so luxurious and help my skin with a myriad of problems (my favorite are honey and rose), and this Lush face spray keeps my skin hydrated while traveling. When it comes to my nails, this Bio-Oil keeps my nails hydrated while this Boots nail block and these Lilly Pulitzer emory boards are great for on-the-go manis and touchups. Lastly, these Tan Towels are perfect for giving me a little summer glow even when I'm in cold and rainy countries with no sun.