New Home Updates: A Brass Lamp from Target

Josh and I haven't made home updates since we moved into our new apartment, but even then we just bought two rugs since our new place has hardwood instead of carpet. We invested in quality pieces we loved straight out of college precisely so that we wouldn't have to replace things every few years. But, we had an IKEA lamp in our living room that had traveled with us from apartment to apartment but that neither of us really liked that much. So, we recently upgraded to this brass floor lamp from Target and we're in love!

Target has really stepped their game up with homeware (not sponsored, I just love them!) and the base of this lamp is so sturdy. And, the lamp shade is HUGE and looks really expensive, even though the lamp cost us only $63 (it's now $79.99 and no longer on sale, which is still an incredible price!).