My Nighttime Skin Routine

In college, it was a wonder if I took out my contacts and removed my makeup before bed. I'm lucky enough to have inherited really great skin with not much to worry about in terms of blemishes or an uneven skin tone. But, in recent years, I've started taking better care of my skin just because, and the results have been great. My skin glows and feels so healthy. Today, I wanted to share my nighttime skincare routine with you all -- and yes, I know it includes quite a few steps, but it only takes me a few minutes each night -- promise! I even put the time it takes me next to each step so it's not too daunting. Questions? Let me know!

1. Take out my contacts. (5 seconds)

2. Remove all of the day's makeup with these Honest makeup remover wipes. (30 seconds)


3. Use an Arcona triad toner pad to wipe away any excess dirt or oil. They smell heavenly and make me feel like I'm really scrubbing my skin in a gentle way! (20 seconds)


4. If I need it (i.e. if I've been traveling or am super stressed out) this is usually when I whip out a Sephora face mask. I know there are tons of sheet masks on the market right now and it's become "cool" to spend a ton on them, but these $6 masks work wonders for me. (optional: 20 minutes)


5. Then, I throw on some moisturizer -- my favorite by far is Glossier's. I use it every morning and every night. (15 seconds)


6. This Arcona eye dew comes next, and keeps my dark circles at bay (as much as possible) and keeps the skin around my eyes hydrated all night. (15 seconds)

7. If I have any blemishes, this Origins spot remover is a life saver -- my best friends turned me on to it and I have to say, it works miracles! (20 seconds)


8. Glossier balm dotcom is always the last thing I put on before bed to keep my lips hydrated all night. (5 seconds)

9. I recently invested in a Slip silk eye mask, and it's so nice to have a dark room all night. It's also super soft and feels great on my skin!