How to Declutter Your Life for Fall


Guys. I am SO excited that it's almost fall. We don't really have summers in San Francisco—we just have awkwardly chilly days that aren't quite fall, but just teases of the season to come. And I am SO ready for chunky sweaters and boots. Give me all of the sweaters and boots, STAT.

While I do love fall weather, I also really (really) love clearing out my house at the start of a season. I don't just abide by spring cleaning—I abide by fall cleaning, too.

Here are a few ways i'm decluttering my life for fall:

tacke that closet, girl

I'm a big believer in auditing your closet quarterly, if not more often. If you're looking for closet organization tips, I've got plenty of those. Now is the time to get rid of things you no longer wear, make stock of things you'd like to add to your collection, and donate some bags to a local shelter.

don't forget your devices

Something that makes me feel like I have a clear mind is de-cluttering my devices. How many photos are in your camera roll that you don't need? What about apps you haven't used in years? When was the last time you looked at who you follow on Instagram? Spend some time clearing through your phone, any tablets, and your laptop.

make a list of those outlier tasks

You know the ones: the shoes you've needed to get re-soled for months, the dry cleaning you forgot to pick up in April, the photos in your close that you've been meaning to turn into scrapbooks for years. Make a list of all of the things and random tasks you've been meaning to get to for months (if not longer!) and just get to it. The best way to tackle these tasks that creep up is to book an entire day (a weekend if you can, or a workday if you have some extra PTO you could use on a self-care day) and just get it done.

create a fall bucket list

Now that all of the real life shit is out of the way, let's make a fall bucket list! Once I de-clutter, I always reward myself with some fun activities—so what's on your list for fall? Whether it's taking a fun weekend trip with all that $$ you earned from your closet cleanout or heading to a pumpkin patch to have a basic fall day, don't forget to celebrate the upcoming season.

how are you planning on de-cluttering your life for fall? let me know in the comments section!