Packing for Europe


Whenever I start packing for an upcoming trip, I go through the same process every time. I'm definitely a planner and it eases my anxiety to plan in advance, get everything organized and stick to the schedule. A few days before my trip, I go into my closet and start pulling pieces. I calculate the number of days and nights I'll be gone and pull that many tops, bottoms, dresses and jackets. Then, for a 10 day trip I pick three pairs of shoes -- every day walking shoes, nicer every day shoes (a fancier flat or bootie) and special occasion // going out shoes (heels or nice flats).


Once I pull all of my clothes, I go through in my head what else I need on a daily basis. Whether it's weird things like not forgetting my reading glasses, to books to keep me occupied on the plane or special chargers, I literally walk around my apartment and think of all of the things I use in a day that I won't want to forget.


Lastly, I take everything out of my closet that I've pulled and fold everything in piles on my bed. Then I place everything perfectly in my suitcase and move on to my carry-on. This is where I include my laptop, iPad, phone, all of my chargers, and any in-flight beauty products I'll need. For long flights (it's 11 from SFO to Heathrow), I make sure I have chapstick, hand cream, Glossier face mist, contact case, glasses, chargers, a hair tie, bobby pins and gum in my purse.