Quick Beauty Wins You Need to Know


When life gets busy (which, let’s be honest, isn’t it always?!) I rely on quick wins to solve all of my problems. If I can make my life a little easier and take a shortcut, I’m going to. Case in point: grocery delivery, dry cleaning pickup, and finding a nail salon that’s across the street from my house—#WINNING.

These quick wins extend to other areas of my life, too: like my beauty routine. All of these little routines only take a few minutes (if not under 60 seconds!), but make a world of difference in how I look—and, more importantly, feel.


Time it Takes: 1-3 Minutes

I used to look at people who dry brushed and thought “that’s insane, why would I brush my body?” But I was so, so wrong. Yes, it feels a little silly to actually physically brush your body with what looks like a giant hairbrush, but the benefits are there. Dry brushing encourages drainage throughout your entire body and reenergizes your skin and blood flow. It feels SO good first thing in the morning before I shower to take a few minutes and get everything moving. Plus, it removes a ton of dead, dry skin (that has a tendency to build up over the winter months) and my skin feel so much softer.


Time it Takes: A Few Minutes a Day

One of the best, easiest things to do for your beauty routine is to pump the H20 all day, every day. I invested in a Yeti cup that keeps my water ice cold on my desk all day, and I sip throughout the day. My pro tip is to take a full water bottle with you to a meeting or while you’re walking—you’ll be surprised at how quickly you drain it when you have nothing else to do.


Time it Takes: 10 Minutes

Do you feel like you don’t have time for a complicated skincare routine, or have too much going on to stand in your bathroom for half an hour before bed every night? Me too. That’s why I always do something luxurious—like a hydrating face mask—earlier at night, while I’m doing things like cleaning up dinner, reading a good book, or working on tomorrow’s blog post. Who says you can’t multitask with your skincare?


Time it Takes: 3 Minutes

When was the last time you gave your feet a little extra love? If you can’t remember, it’s been too long. Don’t wait for every new pedicure to give your toes some love, do it tonight!

I walk a lot in SF, which means my feet get tired and sore after a long day. So, about once a week, I’ll soak my feet in an epsom soak or simply put on some hydrating vaseline + fuzzy socks, and wake up in the morning with soft, hydrated feet.


Time it Takes: Under 1 Minute

Beauty truly does start on the inside, which means taking daily supplements is extremely important. Whether you’re simply taking a daily multivitamin, have done a service like Care/Of where you’re getting a personalized recommendation of vitamins, or something even easier like goop supplement packs, it’s important to take the time each day to pop those vitamins and take care of your insides. And, it only takes a minute!

What are some beauty quick wins that you do—or want to start doing—in your own life?