Review: Why I'm Loving Sunday Riley's Saturn Mask

When you find a face mask you love, hold onto it—seriously. I've tried some that irritated my sensitive skin, some that dried me out, and some that left my skin gooey and gross. Ideally, a face mask is refreshing, gentle on your skin (but serious enough to cleanse, brighten and firm), and isn't too high maintenance.


A few weeks ago, I received Sunday Riley's Saturn Sulfur Acne Treatment Mask. I started using it immediately—and loved the results right away—but wanted to keep using it to see how it held up over time.


Here's why I loved it:

It fights acne—and prevents blemishes from forming.

This face mask actually contains maximum levels of sulfur, to dry up acne and prevent new blemishes from forming. Knowing there's a medicated 10 percent sulfur treatment inside this mask makes me feel good about using it—and positive about it's results.


You can use it as a mask, or a spot treatment.

This is actually my favorite part of using this mask so far! You can use it as an all-over mask for 20-30 minutes, or you can use it as a targeted spot treatment just in super problem areas. And, you can even sleep in it on your blemishes!


It's great for sensitive skin.

I have incredibly sensitive skin (as you guys know!) and I'm always so afraid to put new things on my skin, but this mask has been sensitive enough to not irritate my skin, and still harsh enough to clean me up. Win, win!

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Special thanks to Sunday Riley for providing product for this post.