My Secret Travel Tip: The LDR Brands Charging Tassel


I've been traveling so much lately, and being a Social Media Manager, I'm on my phone pretty much 24/7 when I travel. I have an Apple charging case which is amazing, but it can be clunky and, believe it or not, I can drain even that pretty quickly.

I recently stumbled upon this LDR Brands charging tassel, and it's genius! I strap it on to my purse when I travel and it looks like a trendy tassel, but the center of it is actually a charging stick. I keep the little cord tucked inside a pocket in my bag and can pull it out at a moment's notice to give my phone some juice! My favorite part is that the cord is so short, you don't even notice it - I charged my phone at a bar last week and no one knew!


Be sure to check out LDR Brands and all of their charging tassels - they come in so many colors - to snag yours today.


Big thanks to LDR Brands for sponsoring this post!