Sporty Spice

Mirrored Ray Ban aviators // Urban Outfitters "RAD" baseball tee // The North Face vest (similar// Joe's jeans // Tory Burch crossbody // New Balance x J.Crew sneakers

Honestly, I'm not athletic in the least. I played sports growing up that required minimum involvement and effort, I don't particularly like running (read: I can't run down the block to save my life) and I'm genuinely not interested in going to a gym. I truly enjoy walking around San Francisco, going for bike rides or doing yoga in my room, but beyond that I'm really lame when it comes to exercise.

For some reason, however, I'm really drawn to the athletic sneakers trend. I love that I at least get to act sporty even if I'm hopeless, and I love how comfortable they are -- these New Balances sure take the edge off when I spend hours walking around the city.

Paired with a vest (because it's still not spring here yet) and a graphic tee, you have my new casual look. What do you think of the athletic sneakers trend?