Spring 2017 Trends

I've been lusting over some of the key fashion trends for spring lately, and I have decided upon my favorite five. Here are my top trends for spring this year:

1. Bell sleeves.

This is by far my favorite trend for spring -- big, flowing bell sleeves. Wear them on blouses or sweaters (it doesn't matter -- there is no bad way to rock this trend!).

2. Patchwork.

I am dying over this trend for spring! I need a denim jacket with some patches on the back STAT. Bonus points if it's your name or Insta handle!

3. Translucent accessories.

I remember back in the 90's when everyone got see-through backpacks and it was all the rage. If you didn't have a translucent backpack in the 2nd grade, you were #notcool. Same goes now -- I'm loving sandals or bags with little peeks of translucent vibes.

4. Kitten heels.

If you would have told me a year or two ago that kitten heels would be in for spring, I would have laughed in your face. I used to despise kitten heels, but they are so chic now! Throw on a little ripped hem denim, a white button down and a low kitten heel, and we're in business.

5. Pointed bow flats.

If you don't have pointed bow flats yet, pick up a pair for spring. They don't have to be Prada like the above, but a chic slip-on with a pointed toe and giant bow is a perfect choice for warmer weather.

Check out my Pinterest board, Spring 2017 Vibes, for more spring inspo!