Stripes and Leather


Warby Parker sunglasses c/o // Vince Camuto leather jacket // Brandy Melville tee // Hollister & Co. jeans c/o // Gap loafers // Rebecca Minkoff purse // Burberry watch // Jawbone UP24

Last weekend, Josh and I walked down to North Beach for some San Francisco Fried Chicken Co. -- if you live in the city and haven't gone yet, you have to! It was really that good. Anyway, whenever I'm heading out into the city to walk and shop, I care the most about what shoes I'm wearing. They need to be cute (obviously, so I can take blog pictures) but also really comfortable so I don't get blisters that ruin my day. I had my eye on these Gap loafers for a while and finally pulled the trigger -- the price is just too good not to! They've become my go-to for days I'm wandering the city.

Emily Piskulick