Sweater Weather With Miss Me


This post is brought to you by Miss Me, however opinions are my own.

I'm really not a huge skirt girl. When it comes to my comfort zone, I stick to jeans, a blouse and boots for fall. It's my go-to "I don't know what to wear, but still want to look put together" look. I also really don't wear skirts and dresses because of the wind in SF. I live in Russian Hill, a really high part of the city on top of a big hill, and we always get the worst of the wind and fog. So much so that the second I step out of my house with a skirt on, the wind blows it right up. But sometimes, on mild days, I can pull off wearing a skirt or a dress and my legs are happy and free.

Enter this Miss Meskirt. It's so soft (like suede!) and since it's jet black, it goes with literally everything in my closet. I recently paired it with this flannel and I can't get enough of the cozy combination -- I'm a huge fan of comfortable pieces that look really put together and clean. I also added this sweater because layering is an absolute must in SF. Also, these new boots make transitioning into fall really easy.

Sweater weather is definitely my favorite time of year. My birthday is in spring, so I definitely love April as well, but something about the crisp air, darker hues and fun fall holidays just makes fall my favorite. I love being able to wrap up in a cozy sweater and head out for the day, which is exactly what I did in this Miss Me look. I'm dying to know -- what do you wear in the fall? Do you love sweater weather as much as I do?


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Emily Piskulick