Target Beauty Buys


I've always been a big fan of drugstore or Target beauty buys -- it's so much easier to find quality, inexpensive products at Target or Walgreens than rely on expensive fancy brands from a big department store. I still splurge on some beauty buys, but here are some of the ones that I can always count on from Target.


Oh Joy! for Target Bandaids

I'm obsessed with Oh Joy!, and these bandaids from Target are just about the cutest ever.


Cocoa Butter Vaseline

love this stuff -- I put it on my feet at night before bed, and they're continually silky smooth!


Tide to-go pen

Josh is a continual spiller (lol) so it's always helpful to have these on hand. They run about $3 at our City Target, and I can't help but pick one up every time we stop in!


Covergirl Powder

I've used plenty of fancy, expensive powders, but this is by far the best one -- and it's only $7!