The 2 Products I Use to Get My Makeup to Last All Day

Is anyone else all about life hacks? I love a good life hack. Anything I can do that will take me virtually no time but will change my day in some positive way, I'm down for.

Most days look something like this: I spend my mornings at home with Josh, catching up on things. Then, I head to work from 9-6. Some days after work I come straight home—but some I have blog content to shoot, dinners to go to, or more work to get done. Having a day that starts at 7 AM and ends around 11 PM means I need my makeup to last.

How I get my makeup to last all day

There are two products I've started using that make my makeup last perfectly, all day long. They are: #1 a primer, and #2 a makeup setting spray.



Primer is something you put on after your moisturizer each day but before your foundation. It essentially primes your skin for all of the makeup you put on—think of it like your base coat when you get your nails done.

I use this Neutrogena primer and I love it. It doesn't clog my pores and has almost a matte finish (so there's no unnecessary shine).

Makeup setting spray

Makeup setting spray is my last step, once all of my makeup is on. I spritz on about four sprays before I head out for the day, and it really sets my makeup so it doesn't smudge or rub off all day long. This Loréal setting spray is my fave!

Do you have any tips to get your makeup to last all day? Let me know in the comments section!