The Art of Tidying Up


Josh and I share a closet space (and everything else, for that matter), so it's really important to keep things organized, or else a tiny mess quickly snowballs into a full-blown disaster. We're both really tidy people to begin with, but over time, things naturally accumulate for even the best of us. We're lucky enough to have a big walk-in closet (one of the reasons I fell in love with our apartment), but recently I've noticed it becoming more and more overstuffed with items.

My friend and coworker Katie (from the SF travel blog Traveling Spud) recently told me about the art of tidying up. I'm no expert, but following this method really helped me clean out my closet. First, you start by getting everything in one place, laid out in front of you. Then, you ask yourself (out loud and piece by piece) if the item in front of you brings you joy. I've tried many methods of getting rid of things in the past, but this was by far the most effective method. Some pieces I loved, but they just weren't flattering on me, and in asking myself this question, it forced me to take a good long look at why I wanted to keep the item. Nine times out of 10, it went in the "get rid of" pile.


Looking at my wardrobe now, which is about 50% lighter, I notice some common trends. I love white, grey, tan and navy. Most of the things I got rid of were colors or patterns, showing that I really should stick with my gut. I also made note of things I need now that I've paired down my wardrobe so much -- new black boots (mine were trashed), more dark ballet flats, and I need to cool it on the booties (I have a million pairs). Overall, the art of tidying up left me (and my closet) feeling lighter, brighter and more "me"!

Emily Piskulick