The Perfect Work Bag from Lo & Sons

I used to drive/carpool to work, but since I moved apartments and started a new job, I take the bus to work every day. My main focus with my work bag is having everything organized and in its place - when I'm getting on the bus, I want to know that my bus card is always in the same pocket, or when I'm entering my apartment building I want to know my keys are where I left them, and when I'm stowing away my laptop for the day I want to ensure it's in a padded compartment that's protected from the rest of the things in my bag.

This Lo & Sons Seville bag is the perfect answer to all of my work bag woes - and it comes with these genius shells that you can take on and off, which means you can completely customize the look and feel of your bag. The padded inside compartments come out, and you can drop them into a new leather shell so that you have a completely new bag!

I picked up a black color and then a natural leather color for the warmer months, so I really have two bags in one.

I also got this adorable smartphone wristlet that clips inside so I don't lose it in the bottom of my bag - it's so sleek and perfect for running out to get coffee midday when I don't want to bring my entire bag with me.

I can't get over how smartly designed this Lo & Sons Seville bag is - it has a place for everything! I typically pack my laptop, wallet, toiletry bag, external charger, charging cables, headphones and typically a water bottle for work, and it all fits perfectly with plenty of room to spare! I also love that I can zip up the top and throw it under my shoulder so that I don't have to worry about things being stolen when I walk through the city.

Special thanks to Lo & Sons for sponsoring this post.