The Prettiest Flare Sleeve Top I Ever Did See a la J.Crew

Happy Tuesday, all!

Today, I'm SO excited to be sharing my favorite new top from J.Crew. I'm super into the bell and flare sleeve trend right now, as long as they aren't too big. I love that this top is short sleeved for spring (a lot of bell sleeves are long sleeved!) and it fits me just right. I've also found that some bell sleeves can feel too feminine, so I chose this pale blue hue to tame it down a bit and make it more accessible for me for every day.

Also, a rare appearance on the blog: my glasses! My eyes have been freaking lately (probably due to the 12 hours + a day I spend staring at a screen #eyeroll) so I've been giving them a break and donning the cutest Warby Parker frames that Josh gave me for Christmas instead.

Lastly, I've been sporting this Tory Burch bucket tote around the city lately, and I have to say it really is my ideal bag. It's small enough that it doesn't feel like a work tote, and it's big enough to hold everything I need it to, including my camera on days that I'm out shooting in the city. Thanks for the bag, mom! :)