Things Always Beside Me: IPKN

Are any of you suckers for great beauty branding? Seriously, the second I see a beautifully designed package (whether it's makeup or skincare), I lose it and have to have whatever it is, immediately.

That's exactly what happened recently with IPKN, a new (to me) beauty brand out of Seoul, South Korea. I fell in lust with the packaging and fell in love with the products.

One // The Radiant Cream Primer

I am someone who loves a great primer. I can't put on my makeup for the day until I have that base layer—it's like my shield. And, bonus points if it has some added SPF! I try to always have at least SPF 15 on, it's the Arizona girl in me.

This Radiant Cream Primer from IPKN is my new fave. It goes on light (so my face doesn't feel cakey) but has enough coverage to really feel like it's making an impact in how my makeup sets. Plus, with SPF 15, I feel like I'm really doing something good for my skin. Win, win, win!

Two // Twinkle Lips

If I'm going to wear a lip color (especially during the week), I have only one rule: it has to be no hassle. Like, absolutely zero hassle. I don't have time for a red lip that needs constant re-applying, or a bold dark purple that has to be filled in just right. That's why I love the swipe of a tinted gloss—it gives me that color I'm looking for, without all of the drama.

This Glow Pink Twinkle Lips Stick from IPKN is so low maintenance, and I love the bubble gum pink hue. It's the perfect amount of color without overdoing it.

Be sure to shop IPKN for even more beauty goodies!