To Celebrate V-Day or To Not Celebrate V-Day

Ray Ban mirrored aviators // David & Young fringe scarf // T Bags Los Angeles top // Nordstrom Savvy suede jacket // Jawbone UP24 // Burberry watch // Juicy Couture charm bracelet // 7FAM denim // Ann Taylor loafers

Happy Valentine's Day, all! I'm not too into the holiday myself, but I do love celebrating in a few little ways. First, I incorporate some red and pink into my wardrobe, mainly because I don't really dress that feminine regularly and I like an excuse to step out of my element. Secondly, I love holidays because I get to celebrate with food. Josh and I are staying in tonight, making homemade tacos and this chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich recipe (I know, be jealous). Other than that, it's just a typical Friday around here, but I wanted to wish all of those celebrating today a Happy Valentine's Day.

Photography by Taylor Meyers.