Tuesday Links

Happy Tuesday, all!

I wanted to provide you guys with some mid-week inspiration. Here are some articles I've been reading this week and other things that are inspiring me:

  • I love when Refinery29 does this - check out your horoscope for the week!
  • How adorable is this off-the-shoulder dress? I love the color for fall!
  • I was watching an episode of Flipping Out this past week, and they played this F*ck That meditation in their office - it had me bent over in laughter after about 30 seconds! For someone who has never liked meditation, it's a hilarious way to relax at the end of the day.
  • I have these booties in black from last season, but I'm thinking I need the perforated version for this season!
  • As someone who works a lot at her full-time job but also juggles a blog on the side, a boyfriend, family and friends - this article from The Everygirl about why you should stop trying to balance everything really struck a cord.
  • Looking for a new desktop background? I bookmark these Ban.do ones and I switch mine out every week for a constant dose of inspiration.

Have a great rest of your week! XO