Wedding Planning: An Update + Where to Start

Guys, where do I even begin. If you’ve planned a wedding, I now understand where you’ve been and I am SORRY. Kidding, but not really.

Josh and I got engaged six weeks ago in Europe, and we made the decision pretty quickly that we wanted to get married in 2019. Since we live in San Francisco and pretty much everyone else in our lives lives in either Arizona or Washington, we then knew we had to give our guests plenty of time to book travel and had to get our sh*t together quickly.


Here’s what we know so far about our big day:

The Size

Josh and I have talked about our dream wedding before (eight years of dating will do that), and the one thing we were completely aligned on from the start was our ideal size and the number of guests we wanted to invite. We have always gone to these beautiful 200+ person weddings and felt like they were perfect for our friends and family, but totally wrong for us. We wanted something intimate and personal, with just our #dreamteam of peeps in one room. So the first decision we made was to keep it less than 50 guests.

The number one question I’ve been asked so far in regards to wedding planning is how in the hell we possibly cut our guest list under 50 people. We sat down one night with a bottle of wine and made a list of the people we cannot live without, and that just about did it. There of course are going to be hard decisions to make, and family members/friends who aren’t invited, but we kept our vision at the forefront of our minds (just picture a dreamy long dinner table with no more than 50 people) and held strong. The fact that our dream venues had caps around 50-60 people also helped us make the decision even more cutthroat.

Pro Tip: we have quite a few friends who have significant others but aren’t married, and we actually have never met their partners before. We quickly realized that drawing a line in the sand re: plus ones was a must—and said unless you’re engaged or married (aka in a long-term relationship), you won’t get to bring a guest.

The Venue

Once we landed on the number of guests, it made our venue choices a no brainer. We’ve always wanted to get married at San Francisco City Hall in their private balcony space, so immediately put a hold there to lock it in. They were available on a Friday afternoon in September (actually two weeks away from our anniversary, which felt like fate!), and making this decision early on gave us a date to work off of for our other venues.

The most important thing to both Josh and I (besides getting married, of course!) was the food and drinks. We wanted to have our favorite meal at a restaurant that felt like home, which is how we landed on Wayfare Tavern. Fried chicken and popovers, yes please! They have a private dinner space on their top floor that has stunning views of San Francisco and is completely tucked away, so our guests have access to a private bar, seating areas, and there’s plenty of room for a big, long, family-style table.

The Paper Products

Let’s get to something exciting—the paper. Giving our family and friends plenty of time to travel meant getting our save the dates out ASAP, and I turned to the one paper place that always has plenty of options to match our aesthetic: Artifact Uprising. We always do our holiday cards at Artifact, and we knew our wedding aesthetic was going to be simple, minimal, clean, and elegant.

The Details

The rest of the decisions are all coming together—we just booked our photographer, tried our cake (we had our tasting at Susiecakes last weekend!), the dress (!!), the flowers, etc. I can’t wait to show you more over the next few months!