Weekly Reads + Finds // 7.11.18


Happy Wednesday, all! I love this new way of breaking up my week with Weekly Reads, and I hope you do, too. Here are some of the things I've been reading this week:

8 Ways to Motivate Your Monday

I used to dread Sunday nights, because I knew that meant my fun was over and Monday morning was on the horizon. But recently I've been learning how to harness Sunday nights to feel better about the week coming up, and this Create + Cultivate article has some great tips on how you can, too.

the perfect dress for summer

I've been a long-time lover of all things Tory Burch, and this dress of hers is no exception. It has everything you want for the hot summer months: a fun pattern, a comfy t-shirt dress feel, and at just the right price.

july tech backgrounds

I love when The Everygirl comes out with their monthly tech backgrounds, and this month is no exception. I've already donned all of my devices (iPhone, tablet, and laptop) with the "You Have What It Takes" design!

natural beauty wins the day

Whenever I hear that natural beauty products are working for people (not just well, but better than their dirty counterparts!) I get excited and want to try everything. I trust Damsel in Dior completely, and her review of these 7 natural beauty products has got my excited to try every single one on the list.

asymmetry rules

I'm usually not a huge dress person so this might come as a shocker, but this asymmetric poplin dress is right up my alley.

the ideal reading list

I've been on a reading kick lately, and I love seeing what other people are reading to get me inspired. This July 2018 reading list from The Stripe had me adding so many things to my library reading list—like When Live Gives You Lululemons and more.

what are you reading this week? let me know in the comments section!