What I Love About Onomie, A New (To Me!) Beauty Brand

At my job and through blogging, I discover new brands on an almost daily basis. Onomie is one of those brands that I recently stumbled upon and can't get enough of. Here's why:

1. It combines skincare and makeup in one.

I've tried three of Onomie's products—the Powerful Priming SerumA.C.E. Illuminating Eye Treatment, and Bright Concealing Elixir. What I love most about all of their goodies is that they're all skincare products that double as makeup. Sometimes when I apply makeup, I know it's probably not the best for my skin or I get concerned about it clogging my pores and leading to breakouts. But with Onomie, I actually feel like I'm doing something good for my face!


2. Their Serum doubles as a primer.

My favorite product from Onomie that I've tried so far is their Powerful Priming Serum, which I use every day underneath my moisturizer. I've noticed it tightens and brightens my skin (which is great!) but it also helps keep my makeup in place, as it's also a primer.

3. The branding is SO good!

I mean let's be honest—don't we all try skin care and beauty products because they look good, first and foremost? Or, is that just me? I love Onomie's light blush hue, and the simple packaging.

Shop all of my Onomie favorites below: