What I Want For Valentine's Day This Year

The older I get and the longer I know people, the more it makes me happy when I receive gifts that I actually want for holidays. It's cute at the beginning of a relationship to be totally surprised by something unexpected that you would have never purchased for yourself, but now I really think it means so much more when people get me things they know I will use all. the. time. Plus, I love using gifts all the time and being reminded of the person who bought them for me!

For Valentine's Day this year, Josh and I are going out to dinner in SF (at Town Hall) and are keeping presents light and simple (we're not super into the holiday, but just treat it as an excuse to have a nice dinner mid-week). But, if we were going all out, here are some gifts I would love -- and would use all of the time:

Some standout favorites: I just pulled the trigger on these BaubleBar Crispin Drops in black and white stripes, and would love to have the gold pair, too. I've been lusting over the Drybar's Brush + Straightener combo forever. Valentine's Day should be all about luxury, and this La Mer Lip Balm + Equipment Silk PJ Set are too good for words. And, I work at ThirdLove and the Seamless Thongs are my go-to for every day -- I love a practical gift that I'll actually wear!

You can shop all of my Valentine's Day picks below: