What I'm Buying: Coffee Table Books

After my friends left last weekend, I had so much time to catch up on reading and going through magazines. When I get busy, the books and magazines pile up and I feel a bit guilty for spending money on them and then just leaving them to sit and collect dust.

I've added a few new coffee table books to my collection -- and I had to share, because they're just that good. Camille Styles is seriously the best source of inspiration -- I want to plan a party after reading her entertaining book! I'm also drooling over this Mast Brothers chocolate cookbook, I want to make everything in it. But, to balance that out, I picked up the Body Book by Cameron Diaz, and I have to say -- that girl deserves more credit than she is given. The book combines common knowledge with science and makes for one hell of a read. Lastly, Ina Garten, my mom's spirit animal, recently came out with a new book -- all about how to make meals ahead, which I obviously love since starting a new job.

I've also finally bit the bullet and subscribed to my favorite magazines. Harper's Bazaar, New York Magazine, Real Simple, Vanity Fair and Vogue are my favorites -- which are yours?