What I'm Loving in Popsugar's October Must-Have Box

I have to tell you guys, when I receive my Popsugar Must-Have Box every month I am so excited to rip into it - Popsugar does the best job picking curated pieces that I want for each season.

The Popsugar box for October was no different - here are my favorite pieces from this month's box:

Power Your Happy

I've read Power Your Happy a few times now (seriously, it's amazing) and it's one of those books that inspires you and you can't book down. I love anything that is pro-women and offers tips on how to find happiness in everything you do - at work and in your personal life. I can't recommend it enough!

Morning Culture Rise & Shine Mug

I drink coffee every morning, and when it gets cold in the fall and winter I have hot cocoa or tea before bed to warm up. This adorable Rise & Shine mug was my favorite piece from this month's Popsugar box - and it paired so nicely with my new My Cup of Cocoa!

My Cup of Cocoa

I'm going to give it to you straight: if something has dark chocolate in it, I'm in. This My Cup of Cocoa dark drinking chocolate is no different - it's delicious. I've had it a few nights before bed and it's the best little treat when it's chilly out.

Let's talk beauty

I'm honestly not a big beauty fanatic (but I do love a good Sephora run as much as the next girl) so I was excited to see some beauty must-haves in October's box. This Lalicious brown sugar vanilla shower oil smells delicious - I've used it all week and it fills my entire bathroom with the best fall scent. I'm also a big fan of this Revlon liquid eye pen - I'm not a big makeup freak (in fact, I typically stick with the same makeup routine every day) but for holiday parties I'm excited to have it and try it out!

Henri Bendel Umbrella

It's actually been a bit rainy and dreary in SF lately, so I'm so excited to have this adorable Henri Bendel umbrella for the next time it rains. So cute!