Women at Work: How to Live Your Best Life with a Crazy Full-Time Job


We all go through those seasons at work—the ones where the projects are never-ending and you can't see a way out. My work has always ebbed and flowed, where some weeks are pure madness and some are manageable, regardless of where I've worked. It's something about the city that pulls you in a million different directions and spits you out.

I've learned to have a great sense of inner balance over the past few years—and not just a split between work life and personal life, but finding the right balance for me between all of the projects I'm juggling. It's not always perfect, and some weeks still feel out of whack, but here's how I manage to still have a life even when work gets crazy:

learn to be okay if things get out of whack

There are some weeks where I work a ton (especially between my full-time job and my blog), and my personal life gets way less attention. I used to fight actively against this and get so worried when things were out of balance, but as time has gone on I've really leaned into it. Some weeks are going to be more work heavy, and that's okay (especially because I love what I do!). As long as things eventually swing back (and they always do), it will all be okay.

plan something fun to look forward to

Sometimes, you need a good excuse to leave work at a reasonable hour—and if I'm in need of some fun, I'll schedule some plans around 6 or 7 mid-week. If you can't do that (or if you just need to come home after work and veg out) then plan something for the weekend, so you can think about it all week and get excited.

know when to give up and take a break

Everyone has those weeks where life just gets to be too much, and you need to take a break. Knowing when to slow things down, put the computer away, pour yourself a glass of wine, and have a night of self-care is a must. When I'm having a crazy week at work, I'll schedule a mid-week date with myself, and spend a night taking a bath, reading, and more. It's a true luxury in the midst of chaos!

find an outlet

Whether it's yoga with friends, meditation, talking to a therapist or whatever else floats your boat, finding an outlet for when things get overwhelming is a good way to vent and keep sane.

how do you juggle life with a full-time job and everything else in your life? let me know in the comments section!