Women at Work: How to Unplug Over the Holiday Break


Raise your hand if you also can't wait for holiday break?! *hand raised*

I'm so excited to have 10 whole days off of work—this Saturday through early January—but it's really hard for me to unplug, and frankly the thought of it is already giving me anxiety. 

For those of you who may be in the same boat, I wanted to compile my best tips and tricks over the years that I've learned to actually take time off work, relax, and enjoy the much-deserved break.

one // prepare—ahead of time

Whenever I know I'm taking vacation (especially one that's as long as holiday break) I plan at least a few weeks in advance. I'm lucky that my job allows me to schedule things (social posts, blog posts, emails) in advance, so I can prep everything to go out over the break and not have to be there to do it.

When you know you're going to be gone, you have to figure out how to get all of the work that you're missing done in advance. Whether that means working overtime or tacking on an extra hour to your day, it'll all be worth it when you get the taste of that sweet vacation!

two // set expectations (and that out of office!)

When you're on PTO, set the expectation that you're unreachable, unless it's an emergency. Or, if you prefer to be more available than that, let your team know that, too. I always say I'll check my email every once in a while just to make sure there's no fires (after all, we get emails from reporters who are on deadline about stories, and someone needs to reply ASAP), but that people should text me if they need something right away. Setting these expectations before you leave the office will help make sure there's no snafus while you're out.

three // turn notifications off

Break should be just that: a break! Turn your push notifications off before break so you're not being pinged 24/7, and you can actually unwind without the distractions.

four // have fun!

Now that you're prepped and ready, enjoy your holiday break and have fun!